When I Move You Move

Last week I was watching Pastor Jentzen Franklin on television. He was teaching that God is a motion-sensitive God. He gave various examples from the word of God that substantiated his position that when we move, then God moves. I was so inspired by the message. It encouraged me to be a more action-oriented person. It also got me thinking about health and fitness and moving (physically). I believe it is true that when we begin moving our bodies, we set all types of things in motion (internally). So, hopefully you will be inspired to move more. It seems that whenever I am doing a physical activity, especially outside, like walking or jogging or even dancing, I always get some type of message from God.

Last year I was struggling with getting started exercising again. I knew that I was supposed to be jogging or at least walking. One day a friend of mine called me and told me that I needed to start jogging. I knew it was true but the truth is that I was being lazy. Not long after the call I decided to get up and go to the track and walk. It was amazing! I got an entire download from the Lord on how I needed to train my body and assurance on what I was capable of achieving. I knew that God was saying that if I moved, then He could move in me. If I could trust in Him to take the step (my first move), then he would continue to guide me, lead me and give me strategy (He moved). It was exhilarating to progress so quickly from no exercise (outside of my dance rehearsals) to running 12.5 miles. AMAZING!!! I did not do it with a running club (although I think they are great), the Holy Spirit was my personal trainer. For real!

Look, I know that you may not be interested in running a marathon. You may just want to become more active. Well, you HAVE to make the first MOVE! Ludacris, the rapper, has a song called “When I Move, You Move.” The hook from the song, “When I move you move…just like that,” has been ringing in my ears ever since I saw Pastor Jentzen Franklin speak last week. I know it’s the Lord telling me to get moving (in multiple areas of my life). We were created to move. We are living, breathing beings! God did not create us to be sedentary, stationary beings. Living things flow and move or they become stagnated, heavy, toxic, and become a breeding ground for organisms that thrive in dead environments. Think about a body of water in which sewage and garbage have been dumped and the water has nowhere to flow? This is what happens to our bodies when we don’t move. Movement helps to clear the lymphatic system, oxygenate the body, increase circulation, release hormones like serotonin (helps us feel better), strengthens us, and I can go on and on and on. Have you noticed that the more you sit and do nothing the stiffer you feel and the older you feel? Well, moving helps keep you young, vibrant and healthy.

I do have a lot to say on this subject. But I am honestly, just sharing my heart right now. I’ll get in to more juicy and  joyous facts as this blog develops.

For right now, I just want to encourage you to do something. Walk, jog, turn on your ipod or your radio and dance, go swimming, just DO SOMETHING! I promise that when you move, God will move in your body and will give you strategy on what will work best for your body. Don’t limit Him. You may get an inkling to get a trainer, or check out a certain website or look for a certain book, or He may send people to encourage you in the midst of your movement. Once I started walking and jogging, God used the people at the track to encourage me to keep pressing forward.

You WILL feel better, look better, sleep better, have more energy, meet new people, and have an overall better state of mind.

When I move, you move…just like that…

The “just like that” phrase in the hook of the song hit me because God is such a suddenly God. Think about it…when you move, He (God) moves  and just like that your purpose, your destiny begins to unfold. We take the first step and BAM!, the thing we’ve been desiring is there…a new job, healthier and happy relationships, a better body, clearer breathing, better sleep and the list goes on and on. We have to take action to see RESULTS!!! I’m talking to myself too. So, if I want slimmer, more toned thighs, or if I want to blast belly fat or if I want to become more flexible, I have to MOVE!!! When God tells us (verbally, audibly, an unction, through another person or sign) to MOVE we have to move. The blessing is in the obedience. Obedience is a verb. It means that an ACTION is taken based on the FAITH that we will see or achieve a particular RESULT.

I know this message has so many layers to it that have nothing to do with physical exercise, but I had to start somewhere. I will tell you that moving has a direct effect on every part of our lives, which ultimately affects our physical bodies and our overall health.

Your action step: MOVE!!!

Do something fun and that you will enJOY.  Here are some ideas:

• Walk around your neighborhood
• Go to the track at your local high school                                                                 
• Dance in your house
• Take a dance class
• Check out your local recreation center (they are usually very affordable)
• Do a bootcamp class
• Take a martial arts class
• Take a series of ballroom or Latin dancing classes
• Jump rope

Just MOVE!!! Keep me posted and let me know what move you decide to make.